Alleppey Group Boating

Alleppey Group Boating

Group boats are of two types.

1. Sight seeing
2. Houseboats

Sight seeing

These boats are meant for sight seeing alone [without kitchen and bedroom] just to relax. The boat comprises of one or two floors with two staffs only. The charge is Rs.175/-per head if there are more than 20 people. If the number is below 20,the rate is Rs. 200/- per head excluding food and refreshments. Arrangements will be made if you would like to have homely foods from outside the village.


In these boats there are 2 kinds of trips. Day trips and overnight trips. Day trips – The boat sets off at 11.30 am nd stops at 5.30pm.You will be welcomed by drinks, lunch followed by evening tea and snacks. The rate per head ranges from 500 to 900 Rs. overnight trips – The boat sets off at 12.00 pm and trip continues till 9 am, next day you will be provided with welcome drink, lunch, evening tea and snacks, dinner, breakfast. The rate per head ranges from 1500 – 2800 Rs.

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